Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Universal Analog Input Isolator Module for 4-20mA Input With 2 or 4 Wire Or 1-5v Output Voltage Configurable

Two or Four wire Transmitter : 2 or 4 wires required for operation of Transmitter.Four wire mode transmitter powered externally. 2 wire mode powered from AI module & series connection with load.
  1) 2 wire mode input : +24v dc power given by analog input module and return path is connected to load resistor inside Analog input module.
  2) 4 wire mode input : Transmitter powered externally. 4-20ma current given to current input AI module.
  3) 1-5v mode input : 4-20ma current from transmitter given to load resistor 250 ohms on field Interfacing Module. Output 1-5v given to voltage input AI module.

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